Freedom of Government – the New Human Right

Freedom of Government – the New Human Right
28/01/2020 Karel Beckman

How to make the world a good place for all peaceful human beings!

The-friendly-society-logoWith my new book, Freedom of Government, I want to launch a new human right. Just as all human beings, according to human rights philosophy, should have freedom of religion and freedom of opinion, all people should have freedom of government: the right to choose under which and what kind of government they want to live.

I believe that recognition of freedom of government will, in the course of time, lead to a world populated with what I call friendly societies. Instead of 200 all-powerful states that own the earth we will have thousands of smaller societies that share it. Subjugation and repression will give way to cooperation and toleration. Instead of rulers and ruled, there will be citizens with equal rights. Peaceful people will be able to shape their lives together, on the basis of consensus, free from extortion, tyranny and war.

You can read my book by clicking here. (Note that it has not been published yet. If you are interested in publishing it, or have suggestions, do let me know!)


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