Beyond Democracy – the bestseller you’re not supposed to read

Beyond Democracy – the bestseller you’re not supposed to read
27/01/2020 Karel Beckman

The underground bestseller – translated into 20 languages!

Democracy is widely considered to be the best political system imaginable. Indeed, it is no exaggeration to say that democracy has become a secular religion. The largest political faith on earth. To criticize the democratic ideal is to risk being regarded an enemy of civilized society.

Yet that is precisely what Karel Beckman and Frank Karsten propose to do. In this provocative and highly readable book, they tackle the last political taboo: the idea that our salvation lies in democracy.

With simple, straightforward arguments they show that democracy, in contrast to popular belief, does not lead to freedom, civilization, prosperity, peace, and the rule of law, but the opposite: to loss of freedom, social conflict, runaway government spending, a lower standard of living and the subversion of individual rights.

In just 102 pages they debunk 13 great myths with which democracy is usually defended. What is more, they offer an appealing alternative: a society based on individual freedom and voluntary social relations.

Do you wonder why government keeps growing bigger and the public debt keeps getting higher, while your freedom and prosperity look ever more threatened? After reading his book, you won’t wonder anymore – you know why it is happening and what can be done about it.

Beyond Democracy is a groundbreaking and fascinating book for everyone who wants to better understand current social problems and the economic crisis.

Originally written in Dutch and published in 2011 by the Dutch publisher Aspekt, Beyond Democracy has been reviewed by virtually no established publication, yet translated into 20 languages. How odd! It can be ordered from Amazon and other book publishers in paperback and Kindle. You can also contact Karel Beckman ( for more information. For more information see the website of the book.


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