Freedom of government – what it is

With this project I want to introduce a new human right: freedom of government. Just as all human beings, according to human rights philosophy, should have freedom of religion and freedom of opinion, they should have freedom of government: the right to choose under which and what kind of government they want to live.

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“If freedom of choice is considered an advantage economically, why not also politically?”
Leopold Kohr, The Breakdown of Nations, 1957

Your contributions are welcome

Do you want to contribute to this blog and this project? You are very welcome. Here is what I am looking for.

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My new book

Freedom of Government – the New Human Right. That’s the name of my new (as yet unpublished) book, in which I make the case for Freedom of Government. I believe that Freedom of Government will lead to the abolition of the 200 states that currently control the earth and the emergence of thousands of smaller, decentralised, friendly (-ier) societies. Feel free to read it and respond. Or browse the website, including the FAQ, for more information.

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Beyond Democray

In 2011 I wrote a book with Frank Karsten, Beyond Democracy, originally in Dutch but by now translated into 20 languages. Even though it was almost totally neglected by the media, it has turned out to be an underground bestseller! If you want to change your way of thinking and want to find out why the national democratic state is not the solution, but the problem, do check out our book.

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